Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Planner

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can post some Christmas stuff.  I had been holding off because I always feel like Christmas overpowers the end of fall.  And I love fall.  But after my Black Friday ordeal at Walmart - I feel like Christmas really is here.
 This year I decided to make Holiday Planners for all my sisters (and sister-in-laws).  Then I couldn't leave myself or my mom out, so I undertook the task of making 7 Holiday Planners.  Ugh!  It was fun, but a lot of work.  I actually haven't gotten them in the mail yet - that'll happen tomorrow.  I did remember to photograph them before I shipped them off.  Here is one of the planners (I still haven't decided who is getting what).

I made this planner with a single file folder.  I cut off the tab and a little extra to make the open side of the folder straight (except for the small indentation that comes down where the tab is, that'll be covered with paper later).  I scored the folder 4 inches from the bottom.  Since the open folder is too big for my paper scorer, I scored either side of the closed folder.  Then I opened the folder, and folded the 4 inches up.After the bottom is folded up (to make the pockets) I folded the folder along it's natural fold up the center, only the opposite way it was originally folded.  Then fold the folder into fourths.  This will allow you to glue the two center fourths together on the back, and create a 'book'.  If this is too confussing to follow, here is a youtube video:  How to Fold the File Folder

I decorated each pocket differently.  Basically, I lined each back pocket with a paper cut to about 4 1/4" by 6" long.  The front of the pocket is all you really need to decorate (about 4 1/4" x 4").  I used all kinds of different stamps for these.  Here is the Crazy for Christmas stamp with the gifts.  I tried not to add too much bulk, so they could close easily.

Here's a Prima Pointsetta with a glitter brad for the center.  I found the Prima Pointsettas in a tin at the craft store.  It included paper flowers, sheer fabric flowers, paper Christmas die cut bulbs, and green paper Pointsetta and Holly leaves. 


Some of the paper already looked layered, like this lovely piece, so all I did was add a stamped holiday tag.

All the patterned paper I used was from a huge stack I picked up at the craft store.  Usually I don't bother with those stacks, because I only like a hand-full of the patterns.  This stack, I liked nearly every one of the papers.  Good buy, especially with a 40% off coupon.
I didn't have the inserts for the planners before I photographed them, but here is a link to some free Holiday Planner pages.  Pocket Planner Printables
Each of planners are tied with a ribbon to keep closed. 

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