Sunday, September 6, 2009

Illusion Necklace

I've decided it's time for me to purchase some kind of necklace stand. After trying to photograph this latest necklace, I found it very difficult to get the full effect, unless it was hanging properly. So that'll be my next Amazon purchase (I've already priced them out :)) . Besides, IF and when I start selling on Etsy, I'll need it. In the mean time, I hope my makeshift props worked. I've decided to restring this necklace, actually. It doesn't seem to hang well, and I wanted to put crimp covers on the crimp beads. When I get around to restringing it, I'll post those pictures.

I used white Swarovski beads and Capri Blue and Aquamarine bicone Swarovski crystals. The tear drop crystals are Swarovski Aquamarine AB. I used round Swarovski spacer silver and Aquamarine spacer beads. I used illusion cord - it's almost like fishing line. You can find everything to make this project on my favorite supply site:

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