Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Star Album

This album is similar to the desktop album I made a while back.  Nice thing about this one is it can be stored (and transported) unopened (aka - flat).  Then it can be displayed open in all it's glory! 

I start with three different colors of cardstock or paper.  I would recommend finding one patterned paper (for the smallest panels) and two coordinating solids.  Here I started with Bashful Blue, Pixie Pink and Certainly Celery.  Here are the measurements:
Largest section (blue in this example) 5 3/4 " by 11"
Middle section (pink in this example) 5 3/4 " by 9 1/2"
Smallest section (green in this example) 5 3/4 " by 8"
Each of these sections should then be folded in half.  I used a bone folder for a nice crisp edge.

The next step is to tape all the middle sections (pink) to the largest sections (blue).  I used Terrifically Tacky Tape in three strips (to save on tape). 

Here is a view of the two taped together.

Repeat this process for all the pieces - tape all the pink to the blue, then the green to the pink.  After all the sections are taped together.  I taped each of the blue pieces together along the outer edge.

Once your book is taped together, add a section of ribbon along the outside.  I use Tacky tape for this too - it gives good hold, and you can't see a ridge from the adhesive.

This ribbon allows you to hold the book closed, or tie it to keep the book open in it's 'Star' shape.

The finished product would make a great centerpiece, or a nice addition to a bookshelf or desk.  The patterned paper here is the KI Memories Colorful Frosty line. 

You can add a cover over the front and back.


  1. What a great tutorial! Pretty and not so intimidating to create! :>

  2. Great tutorial and the pictures turned out really good too!

  3. this is soooo cool, you really did an awesome job..wow...Happy New Year!

    enjoy *~*