Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For Your Desk

Back in the Winter of 2007/2008 I decided to make a little keepsake for Gene's cubical. I didn't want it to come across too girly, so I used a brown/blue color combination. I used Making Memories Cosmopolitan Collection for the patterned paper. I cut three 12x12 pages of the chipboard backing from my Stampin' Up! paper. This backing is not too thick, but stronger than ordinary cardstock would have been.

I made this so that each section would have a two page effect. Each family member had their own corner of the project.
I made each spread before adhearing the five pages together. I used Tacky Tape to give it a firm hold.

At the time I was pregnant with Sam, so I made his page up and all it needed was a picture.


  1. So, what are the two-page spread dimensions. I am not quite clear on how you put the pages together, did you leave a tab or something. This is really cute!

  2. I cut the heavy backing into two strips, each 12x6, then folded them in half. I rounded the corners. So, each 'spread' is 6x6. You could really go with whatever you'd like, I just thought the 6x6 is easier to make, since it's essecialy a quarter sheet of cardstock. I also printed the capital letters on blue cardstock using a font from the computer blown up to like 150 (I think), then checked the Outline box in the text editing tools so the letters could be the color of the cardstock, and I'd have a guide for cutting. I then printed the rest of the name out in a smaller size text.