Saturday, October 9, 2010

Maple Leaf Gratitude

I've seen Maile Belles do this a lot (and Arielle Gordon as well) and thought I'd try it on my own.  As I was testing out the idea, I realized that I needed to place my buttons on a piece of paper that matched the color of the buttons in order to allow the gaps between buttons to go unnoticed.  I covered my orange square with Extra Wide Tacky Tape and placed my buttons.  Then, I thought, maybe I could fill in the gaps by pouring glitter in instead.  Since the tacky tape already covered the area, the glitter sticks like a charm.  I like the tiny bit of extra glitz when the light hits it (even if you cant see it well in this picture).


  1. Oooohh glitter! I love glitter. What a fun card. I love the buttons!

  2. Wow! Oh yeah, I'm definitely lovin' all those buttons and glitter framed by that leaf die- absolutely LOVE it!

  3. много ефектна картичка,страхотна се е получила!